e-Learning Services.

The center offers a wide range of services to cover the needs of ICT academics and professionals:

Educational Services.

The e-Learning Center works in close cooperation with NTI academic staff in order to deliver the postgraduate diploma courses to the postgraduate participants in a rich blended-learning content experience, integrating the classical face to face (in class) learning with the support of sophisticated distance learning and multimedia based content.

Training Services.

The e-Learning Center offers two levels of professional training:

  • ICT Training Programs.

    The NTI is continuously developing new ICT programs to respond to the ICT professionals and market needs. In its path for achieving its mission of empowering Arabic Speaking Telecom Professionals, the e-Learning Center has developed several modules with Arabic support and narration in the following selected topics:
    • Network Security.
    • ICT Security.
    • Voice over IP (VoIP).
    • Telecommunication Policies and Regulation.
  • e-Learning “know how” Programs.

    In these programs, the e-Learning Center offers professional training based on NTI expertise for assisting e-Learning decision makers, program managers and technical consultants (educational and content designers) in setting strategies, launching and running e-Learning programs.
    • e-Learning from Concept to Delivery.

Hosting Services.

The center is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and is ready to host Third Party Education and Training Programs.

Consultancy Services.

The e-Learning Center provides expertise and consultancy for developing e-Learning platforms and solutions from feasibility studies to strategies and down to design and development of the content.

International Cooperation.

In its path for achieving its mission of empowering Arabic Speaking Telecom Professionals, the NTI e-Learning Center has cooperated with the International Telecommunication Union Arab Center of Excellence for developing and delivering two programs:

  • Network Security.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP).