e-Learning Facilities.
Computers and Systems Department.

Servers' lab

The server room provides a highly performance computer systems which easily optimizing the e-learning environment and maximizing the educational efficiency by mean of an e-learning specialized equipments such as the WEB servers, the LMS servers, the Database Servers and the Firewalls, and also by mean of an e-learning specialized software such as clustering software, the LMS Platform and the Network Management Software.

Network Planning Department.

Dream labs

The Dream lab is a lab that provides the interactive multimedia system environment to increase the efficiency of the educational process by using class support equipments such as the LCD projectors, Electric roll screens, Interactive Pen Displays, Dome cameras, controllers' set-up for class animation capturing.

Transmission Department.

Content Development Lab.

The Content Development lab is a lab that supports the creation of the e-Learning content materials such as the CBTs and the Web Materials for the Learning Management system by using special equipments such as the editing servers, high resolutions scanners, audio mixers, Video capturing BD and high performance workstations.