Training Activities.

NTI is aware of the importance of continuous and specialized training and the vitality of high quality postgraduate studies for improving and developing the human skills, that constitute the most important element in the development of the information and communications sector. NTI educational and training activities, are categorized under the following five major programs:

1. Annual NTI training program.

NTI offers more than 84 short-term telecommunication training courses every year. These courses are designed to upgrade the technical knowledge and skills of professional engineers. Each training course includes both theoretical lectures and practical hands on in telecommunications, computers and electronics fields (see NTI training catalogue). The institute also offers customized training courses to major companies, where course contents are designed to meet companies' needs.

2. Professional training program for new graduates.

NTI manages and supervises the execution of the professional training program, offered to new university graduates in information and communications technology (ICT) fields. This program is sponsored by the ministry of communications and information technology (MCIT) in cooperation with a a group of national and international companies. This program aims at creating 5000 skilled professional each year in information and communications technology fields.

3. CISCO Academy training program.

NTI is an accredited CISCO Academy Training Center (CATC) for the Middle East and North Africa, in addition of being an accredited regional CISCO academy. It certifies CISCO trainers in the following tracks; CCNA, CCNA Security and CCNP.

In its mandate as a CATC, NTI supervises and audits the performance of 30 regional academies and 289 local academies in Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Palestine and Morocco.

NTI also plays an important role in activating the Initiative that was signed between the supreme council of Egyptian universities and CISCO to establish local academies and communication network labs (CCNA) in all faculties of engineering and faculties of computers and information system in the Egyptian universities.

4. Scientific supervision of wireless communications training institutes

NTI provides technical and scientific supervision of wireless communications training institutes according to the cooperation protocol signed with the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA). These institutes grant a certificate of a wireless operator of the general degree, in addition to an international license that enables graduates to work at terrestrial and marine wireless stations.

These institutes are geographically spread all over Egypt, more than 26 institutes in 12 governorates with more than 10,000 students.

5. Summer training for Egyptian universities students

NTI organizes free summer training courses for undergraduate engineering students of engineering universities from different Egyptian government and private universities. The students are trained in the different departments of the institute to help them acquire practical knowledge and experiences of the latest information and telecommunications technologies. About 250 students are trained every year.