Diploma Contents

The diploma program is a 30 hours credit system, it consists of four common courses and four speciliazed courses each course represents 3 hours, and a graduation project representing 6 hours.



First Term:
Basic Courses

BC-101 ICT Project Planning & Management
BC-102 Data Networks
BC-103 Transmission Systems
BC-104 Switching in Telecommunication Networks

Second Term:
Wireless Communication Systems

WL-211 Satellite Communications
WL-212 Microwave Engineering
WL-213 Mobile Communications Systems
WL- 214

Selected Topics in Wireless Communications


Second Term:
Advanced Telecommunication Networks

NT-221 Network Performance Analysis
NT-222 Information Systems Security
NT-223 Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Selected Topics in Telecommunication Networks


Third Term:
Graduation Project

PJ-300 Students can select one project from a posted list and work in groups