Research and Development.

The research activities at NTI has the objective of developing, adopting, and applying new technologies and techniques to better serve the telecommunication sector and industry through:

  • Providing solutions for the technical problems facing companies working in the telecommunication field.
  • Development of new systems, products and services to support the national industry.
  • Creating vision for the future.
  • Organizing scientific seminars and conferences in cooperation with local and international universities and scientific institutions.
Research and Development.  
Research and Development.  

The Research Activities in NTI are based on:

  • A team of highly qualified researchers and technical staff graduated from the best international and Egyptian universities.
  • High speed backbone communication network, connected to the Internet at 34 Mbps.
  • Research projects conducted by NTI for external organization such as :
    • Telecom Egypt.
    • Local and International Companies working in the telecommunications field in Egypt.
    • National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA).
  • Joint research projects with other scientific and research organizations such as:
    • Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.
    • International and Egyptian universities.

Examples of NTI Research Projects:

  • Next Generation Networks.
  • Industrial Electronics.
  • Network Security.
  • VLSI Design.
  • Communication Systems.
  • Signal Processing and Applications.
  • Wireless and Wire line Network Integration.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • Emerging Wireless Technologies.
  • Microwave and Opto-Electronics.