NTI Laboratories.

NTI has a number of specialized centers and Laboratories established at the NTI Both branches in cooperation with some international companies such as:


SR Telecom Wi-MAX Lab.

Wireless Networks Lab using Wi-Max Technology in cooperation with the Canadian Corporation SR Telecom.

Intel Wi-MAX Lab.

Wireless Networks Lab using Wi-Max Technology in cooperation with the American Corporation Intel.

Juniper Networking Lab.

Networks lab in cooperation with the American Corporation Juniper Networks .

HP Networking Lab.

Networks Lab for Hp Pro-Curve and Hp OpenView in cooperation with the American Corporation HP.

Multimedia and Image Processing Laboratory.

This laboratory is used for producing training programs, based on multimedia, and for implementing research programs and training in image processing. It contains several server computers with digital cameras, image processing and application software packages.

Third Generation (3G) Mobile Communications Network Laboratory, Based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Technology.

This laboratory is the first in the region to include a fully integrated operational CDMA system. It supports wireless voice and high speed 3G data services. It includes a CDMA base transceiver station (BTS), base station controller (BSC), a mobile services switching center (MSC) and a central operation and maintenance center (OMC) that allows monitoring and management of the laboratory network.

Network Performance Evaluation and Simulation Laboratory.

This laboratory is used for training on design, performance evaluation, and measurements of various wireline and wireless networks. It helps researchers to design, implement, measure and evaluate the different new protocols of video, data and voice communication networks.

Network Planning and Management Laboratory.

This laboratory is equipped with the state of the art network planning and design tools, HP network management platform Open View, as well as the latest ITU network planning and frequency management software programs.

Wireless Local area Network (WLAN) Laboratory.

This laboratory offers training and research in wireless local area network (WLAN) systems.

Digital Microwave Laboratory.

This laboratory has a full instrumented digital microwave 68 Mbps link operating at 6 GHz. The instrumentation includes all its performance measuring instruments as well as fading simulator. This laboratory also includes indoor microwave 140 Mbps link operating at 11 GHz band, fully instrumented by all its performance measuring instruments as well as fading simulator.

Satellite Reception Laboratory.

This laboratory is equipped with a satellite receiver unit operating at ku band. It has a 4.5 m diameter antenna, which is instrumented by its measuring devices.

Microwave Engineering Laboratory.

This laboratory comprises eight professional training bench units with a wide range of set-ups for testing components and equipments of microwave communication systems.

Optical Fiber Systems Measurement Laboratory.

The laboratory is fully instrumented by specialized communication equipments for optical communication system. This laboratory was developed to cope with the new advances in this field

Microelectronics Circuits Design Center.

This center is equipped with the most advanced software design packages, equipments and advanced laboratory facilities that support the design of various microelectronics circuits through cooperation with the major international companies such as Mentor Graphics and Cadence.

Printed Circuit Noards (PCBs) Laboratory.

This laboratory is equipped with up-to-date equipments, design tools and facilities, to design and fabricate high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards. Up to 6 layers printed circuit boards can be implemented. The lab includes also soldering and insertion machines for surface mounted (SMT) electronic components as well as through hole components.

Measurements Laboratory.

In this laboratory almost all types of electronic circuits' measurements can be carried out. It is equipped with up-to-date measuring instruments necessary for this purpose.

Digital Switching Systems Laboratory.

This laboratory is equipped with integrated digital switching units. These units facilitate the study of switching parameters, control units, input and output devices, and subscriber’s registration. This laboratory also supports switching maintenance, and testing of subscriber circuits and connection circuits.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) Laboratory.

This laboratory comprises a group of private automatic branch exchange (PABXs) that supports training of engineers and technicians.

ATM Switching Laboratory.

This laboratory contains a main ATM switching unit and three ATM units used as terminal switches. These switches are connected through optical fiber and local area data network. The laboratory demonstrates methods of connecting ATM switches to digital exchanges and private branch exchanges (PBXs).

Laboratory for Transmission of Video and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This laboratory contains state of the art equipment and devices that are used for the establishment of a system for the transmission of video, and voice signals through data networks. This facilitates the study of the protocols, specifications, properties and requirements necessary for transmission of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). The two video conference units in this laboratory are connected via the institute local area data network.

Signaling Systems Laboratory.

This laboratory concerns with signaling systems used for interconnection between exchanges, such as common channel signaling (CCS), channel associated signaling (CAS) signaling system number 7 (SS7).

Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) Laboratory.

This laboratory concerns with transmission of video, voice and data using integrated service digital network (ISDN).