NTI Scientific Departments

NTI comprises five scientific departments:

Networks Planning Department

Network planning department has up-to-date equipment, laboratories, design tools and simulation software packages that support new technologies in network planning field (i.e. wireline and wireless telephone networks, wireline and wireless local area computer networks and high speed data networks). The department uses these facilities for training, research and development and technical consultations.

Transmission Department

The department interests focus on transmission systems and transmission technologies. It offers continuous education and training for professional and field engineers especially in the microwave and optical communication domains. It also offers consultation for companies operating microwave systems and optical networks.

The department is featured with several laboratories for practical training: Microwave line of sight systems in the 6 and 11 GHz bands, Optical fiber transmission system, microwave engineering lab, and digital communication lab.

Electronics Department.

The electronics department focuses on applied and scientific research in the telecommunication electronic design and engineering field. The department supports and cooperates with the local industry and provides high level training programs in electronic design and manufacturing.

Switching and Traffic Department

The switching and traffic department carries research activities, applied training and consultation in the switching field, which is realized through up-to-date equipment, tools and laboratories that support the new technologies.

Computers and Systems Department.

The Department of Computers and Systems has number of academic members who work in several research fields; Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Multimedia Communication, Information Security, etc... providing the consultation and training for both the graduate and the undergraduate engineers in these fields. The department provides the needed help and support for all other NTI Departments by number of professional engineers and technicians. The technical team members are grouped into three main parties; the first one is responsible for maintaining the NTI networking that connect all departments and their equipments, providing the needed administration to keep work sustain and secured. The second party is responsible for the development and maintenance of the NTI website, providing several open source based solutions to facilitate both administrative and educational work. The third party is responsible for designing and maintaining the needed database applications that automate the managerial and administrative work in the institute. In addition to professional members that work in the field of developing the electronic contents and e-learning courses.