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PCB Lab is a professional PCB fabrication service provider.
Explore a wide range of affordable PCB fabrication services, we provide different sizes of high quality PCBs for both students and business sector.
Feel free to get a quote for your custom circuit boards.

All shipping charges are based on average package weight and dimension. This may be different from actual weights of products. Shipping charges can be computed while finalizing your order prior to completion.


  • High quality PCB manufacturing
  • High speed multi layer PCB Fab
  • Printed antenna Fab ( Different substrates)
  • Complete assembly and soldering
  • S-parameter measurements
  • Drill, panel and cutout drawings
  • Fast delivery
  • Affordable prices!
* After placing your order successfully, you will be contacted within 2 Work Days by one of our engineers (via E-mail or on your registered Mobile number) to discuss the details of your order.
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