Face to Face training workshop in the field of Spectrum Engineering Techniques

April 27th, 2017

From 14th to 16th May, 2017, a face to face training workshop in the field of Spectrum Engineering Techniques will be jointly organize by ITU-NTI CoEs, Egypt as a part of the spectrum management program. The training workshop will be held at NTI smart village premises. The training workshop aims to understanding technical aspects of signal identification, and noise and interference consequences on digital communications and identifying and assessing noise and interference measurement and identification methods for the sake of efficient spectrum utilization. It also aims at grasping the limits of unwanted emissions, identifying spectrum utilization efficiency measures, and investigating the spectrum engineering practices and analysis tools of spectrum management.

Please note that to be able to register for the course you MUST first create an account in the ITU Academy portal at the following address:

Course Detail

For Training Registration Registration and payment should be made online at


When you have an existing account or created a new account, you can register for the training online at the following link:


You can also register by following the steps below:

• Go to ITU Academy website home page.

• On the upper hand corner, you will find search option.

• Type the name of the course in the space provided and search.

• When the course appears, select “book this course” and follow easy instructions to register.

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